Embracing Change and Finding Joy in the Unexpected


3/4/20245 min read

Every day brings its own set of surprises, doesn't it? It's a reminder that life is full of twists and turns, and how important it is to keep an open mind, an open heart, and, of course, a good sense of humour.

Not so long ago, my world seemed to revolve around Dr. Bretland's practice in the village. It was more than a medical centre to me; it felt like the centre of my universe. The level of care and attention I received there was second to none, and I honestly thought it couldn't get any better. I'm quite particular about these things, you see. So, when Dr. Bretland retired and closed the practice, I was, understandably, quite lost and a bit heartbroken.

The search for a new GP led me to a modern practice in Victoria Park. It looked promising, very up-to-date. I browsed the list of doctors, hoping to find someone who could fill the void left by Dr. Bretland. The first doctor I tried was efficient, but before making a long-term decision, I wanted to explore my options. I was looking for someone who not only had the expertise but also someone I could connect with on a personal level - someone who could appreciate my sense of humour and share my background.

Then, I met Dr. Sean Stevens, the owner of the practice. What a revelation he was! We clicked instantly. He totally got my humour and understood me on a personal level. But what really stood out was his exceptional knowledge, efficiency, and skill. He's nothing short of incredible.

One time, I went in after a severe coughing fit, thinking I had hurt my lungs. To my surprise, I was whisked away in an ambulance to Perth hospital for suspected heart issues. It turned out to be a false alarm, but it showed how thorough and efficient Dr. Stevens is.

Another significant moment in my experience with Dr. Stevens was during our discussion about my prostate issues. It was quite a concern for me, and I had been on a certain medication for a while. But Dr. Stevens, with his keen expertise, instantly identified that the medication I was taking wasn't quite right for my condition. His ability to pinpoint this issue so quickly was nothing short of remarkable.

He prescribed a new medication, and the turnaround was astonishing. Within just 10 hours of taking the first new tablet, I noticed a dramatic improvement. It was almost hard to believe. Over the following days, the change became even more evident. My condition, which had previously been a constant source of discomfort and concern, barely crossed my mind. It was as if it had been reined in, controlled so effectively that it no longer intruded into my daily life.

What a doctor, indeed. His deep understanding and proactive approach had not just addressed my medical issue but transformed my quality of life. It’s moments like these that you realise the profound impact a skilled and attentive healthcare professional can have. His ability to diagnose and prescribe so effectively, coupled with the uplifting environment of the practice, made me feel cared for on multiple levels.

This experience further cemented my admiration and trust in Dr. Stevens. It's not just his medical proficiency that stands out, but his holistic approach to healthcare, making sure that every aspect of the patient's well-being is considered and catered to. It’s a rare and invaluable quality in a medical professional.

During this prostate visit, I found an opportunity to inject a bit of humour into the usually serious discussion of prostate health. I recounted a tale to Dr. Stevens, one that I had heard in a more lighthearted setting.

I told him about a man who went to his doctor for a scheduled prostate exam. Before the appointment, his mate at the pub, always one for a laugh, had given him a bit of cheeky advice. He said, "When you go in for your exam, and the doc tells you to drop your trousers, you bend over and feel that intrusion, just make sure he doesn't have both hands on your shoulders!"

Dr. Stevens burst into laughter, appreciating the joke. It was a moment that highlighted the unique and comfortable relationship we had developed. Being able to share a laugh, especially about something that can be a bit uncomfortable to discuss, really showed how at ease I felt with him. It's not just his medical expertise that makes him remarkable, but also his ability to connect with patients on a personal level.

This tale, while humorous, also underscored the importance of maintaining a light-hearted attitude. It reminded me that even in the midst of addressing significant health concerns, there's always room for a smile or a chuckle. It's a philosophy I try to carry with me, and it's heartening to see it echoed in my interactions with Dr. Stevens.

He's fully embracing technology too. During consultations, he records our conversations, and AI transcribes the notes – a marvel of modern efficiency. And prescriptions? No more handwritten notes; he sends them directly to my phone as a QR code, which the chemist simply scans. The practice keeps me informed about everything, from blood test results, vaccination reminders, to regular updates. It's like a well-oiled machine, as precise and reliable as a Swiss watch.

Today was just another visit for my routine quarterly B12 injection, but even that was an uplifting experience. The visit to the practice was already quite an experience, but the real climax arrived when I met the phlebotomist. Dressed not in the usual, bland green medical attire, she wore scrubs that were a feast for the eyes. The pattern on her outfit was remi