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The Journey

Six Decades Behind the Lens


Embarking on my photographic journey six decades ago, I was filled with the same enthusiasm and curiosity that continue to fuel my art today. My experience spans the entire gamut of photographic technologies and techniques: from mastering darkroom processes to working with large-format plate cameras, all the way to embracing today's digital wonders. This deep-rooted understanding of 'Photography 101' has given me the versatility to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing landscape. The beauty of photography is that it's an ever-evolving field, where innovation and technique interlace to create new forms of visual expression. My journey through the years has given me the privilege to explore various styles—from portrait and glamour to the raw, unscripted realities of street photography.

The Innovator

Breaking New Ground



If there's one constant in my career, it's that I've never been content to rest on my laurels. Always eager to learn and push boundaries, I've found myself constantly stepping out of comfort zones and embracing change. This disruptive approach has led me to establish some of the largest photographic ventures in the state, including a state-of-the-art studio and expansive mobile portrait services across Australia. My role in building camera clubs and photographic organisations has also enabled a new generation of photographers to engage, learn, and innovate. As an Associate of the Singapore Photographic Society and a sought-after contest judge, I appreciate the international scope and depth that this art form can offer.

The Community Leader 

Making Waves, Quietly



Despite the expansive list of milestones, boasting isn't my style. In a world that often clamours for attention, I prefer the quieter, more rewarding path of genuine connection and mentorship. With a following of over 360,000 street photography enthusiasts, my aim has always been to elevate the craft, not myself. This perspective might be particularly Australian, where we know all too well how tall poppies can be cut down. Yet, it's this very humility that has fortified my passion for the art, driving me to contribute in ways that speak louder than any accolade ever could.


Step into the exciting world of street photography with this comprehensive guide. Covering everything from essential techniques and artistic concepts to the ethical nuances of the genre, this guide is your go-to resource. Learn how to master the elements of composition and lighting, convey emotions, and tell captivating stories through your images.

The guide is packed with practical advice and artistic insights, making it invaluable for photographers at any skill level. You'll learn how to capture the spontaneity of candid moments, approach strangers for photo permissions, and discover compelling subjects in diverse settings. Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your craft, this guide delivers actionable tips to take your street photography to new heights.

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