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Crafting Compelling Narratives: Hire a Master Storyteller

Welcome to my writing haven! I'm Peter Pickering, a seasoned writer and passionate storyteller with a global spirit. Having lived in numerous countries and journeyed through countless terrains, I've amassed a richness of experiences that breathe life into my words.


With over six decades under my belt, I've honed a distinctive voice that resonates with readers worldwide. From the bustling souks in Yemen to the nostalgic memories of England, and the myriad corners of the globe I've touched, my writing is a vivid reflection of these diverse experiences and the captivating tales they've woven.

Whether you're seeking a captivating article, a soulful story, poetry or content that tells a tale, I've got you covered. My services are many, and include:



Personal Essays

Scripting reflective, thought-provoking essays based on personal experiences or views, offering readers a deep dive into the author's perspective.



Crafting engaging narratives for film, television, or theatre, turning visions into vivid dialogue and action for captivating audience experiences.



Penning words with rhythm and emotion, creating evocative poetic pieces that touch the soul and convey deep sentiments succinctly.


Business Reports

Analyzing data and trends to present clear, well-structured reports that drive decision-making and highlight insights for businesses.


Creative Ads

Designing memorable, impactful advertisements that blend creativity with brand messages, ensuring they resonate and persuade.


Short Stories

Weaving compelling narratives that feature well-defined characters, intricate plots, and unforgettable climaxes, for a complete, immersive journey.


Web Content

Producing SEO-friendly, relevant, and compelling content tailored for online audiences, ensuring websites are both informative and engaging.


Autobiographical Pieces

Drawing from personal journeys and experiences, penning memoirs or narratives that resonate, inspire, or provoke thought.

Unfold Your Narrative


Are you hearing the call to craft your narrative? From the subtleties of poetry to the depth of a novel, your vision is my canvas. With a lifetime of words at my back, I'm ready to turn your concept into reality.

Even if it's not listed, I thrive on the novel and the nuanced. Trust your project to my seasoned quill; it's ready for the unique challenge you have to offer. Our collaboration could be the beginning of your masterpiece.


Eager to begin? Share your inspiration and request a quote crafted for your project's needs. Together, we'll chart a course through the landscape of imagination.

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