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The ADHD Mind
The ADHD Mind

Here’s to those with vibrant ADHD,

Whose live’s are a blend of chaos and glee,

In a realm where focus is infrequently seen,

They dance through life, and the time inbetween.

Adorably Distracted, Habitually Daydreaming,

Often caught in fanciful scheming,

Amazingly Disorganised, Hyperactive Daze,

Their minds in a delightful, perpetual maze.

Always Doing Hectic Deeds,

Lost in thoughts and with sudden needs,

Avidly Discomposed, Highly Dynamic,

Their energy levels can be volcanic.

Always Dreaming, Happily Disrupted,

In a whirlwind of thoughts, so interrupted,

Almost Done, Hastily Dropped,

ADHD life, is never quite stopped.

The Joyful Whirl of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder