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A portrait of Australian writer and photographer, Peter Pickering
A portrait of Australian writer and photographer, Peter Pickering

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Reach out to Peter Pickering, Imagineer and Wordsmith, for collaborations, insights, to say 'Hi', or just to share a vision. Your journey into creativity begins here.

Welcome to the contact page of Peter Pickering, a seasoned Imagineer, Wordsmith, Alchemist, Photographer and passionate advocate for neurodiversity, mental health, and the transformative power of creativity. Whether you're seeking collaboration, looking to share your own insights, wanting to extend a friendly 'Hi', or eager to share a unique vision, you've come to the right place. Your journey into creativity and mutual understanding begins here.

Peter is dedicated to exploring the depths of neurodiversity through photography, writing, and personal narratives, aiming to shed light on the experiences of living with conditions such as bipolar, ADHD, and autism. His work not only seeks to inspire but also to create a space for dialogue and connection. If you resonate with Peter's stories or have your own tales and perspectives to share, this platform is an open invitation for expression and collaboration.

For professionals looking to collaborate on creative projects, individuals seeking advice or sharing their experiences with mental health, or fans wishing to express their appreciation, this contact page is your gateway to engaging with Peter. Every message is a step towards building a community of understanding, empathy, and artistic expression.

Peter values each message and aims to respond as promptly as possible. Whether you're reaching out for professional enquiries, seeking support, or simply wish to connect over shared interests, your words are welcomed and appreciated. This page is not just a channel for communication but a bridge connecting diverse minds and hearts.

So, don't hesitate—whether it’s a query, an idea, a story, or a simple greeting, your input is invaluable. Fill in the provided form, hit submit, and embark on a journey of connection and creativity with Peter Pickering. Let’s transform individual narratives into a collective symphony of insights and inspiration. Your journey into creativity and collaboration starts now.