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Echoes of Nostalgia

A Personal Journey with Disassociation (Nine Feet Underground)

In the quiet hours of early morning, with the first light casting long, soft shadows across my room, I find myself drawn to the gentle strains of "Disassociation (Nine Feet Underground)". As Dave Sinclair’s performance fills the space, each note seems to resonate with a part of my soul that I seldom explore. The music, with its intricate tapestry of sounds and heartfelt lyrics, brings a profound sense of reflection that often moves me to tears.

Listening to this music, I am transported back to simpler times. The lyrics, “Look at the day that is dawning, what do you see with your eyes?” prompt me to gaze out my window here in Perth, watching as the city slowly wakes. There's a certain magic in these moments, a connection to the world that feels both immense and intimate. It’s as if Sinclair is speaking directly to me, urging me to embrace the beauty of the dawn, despite the shadows that linger from days gone by.

The song continues, “Think of me now while you're yawning, sunshine the tears from my cries.” It's a reminder of the universal experience of longing and the deeply personal pangs of nostalgia. Each morning, as the city stretches and yawns into existence, I reflect on what’s been and what’s yet to come, finding solace in the knowledge that these feelings of loss and love are shared by many.

What strikes me most about Caravan’s music is its ability to tap into the intricate emotions that weave through the fabric of everyday life. The song’s verse, "What I see I know is real, what I touch I know I feel," speaks to the authenticity we all seek. In my six decades of life, filled with photography, travel, and countless cups of half-strength flat whites, I have learned that what we feel and touch, the raw textures of our experiences, shape our reality.

As the music swells, the line "All my love goes straight to you," hits me the hardest. It reminds me of the enduring love I share with my wife, Parichad. Each melody becomes a reaffirmation of the bonds we've built, the quiet understanding and shared moments that have defined our life together.

Dave Sinclair introduces and performs a new live rendition of "Disassociation," a piece he originally composed for Caravan as part of the epic suite "Nine Feet Underground," from the 1971 album "In the Land of Grey and Pink." This performance, recorded in 2014 at Blue Eyes Live House in Kyoto, Japan, showcases Sinclair's masterful piano work and vocal interpretation, breathing new life into this mesmerising blend of progressive rock and jazz.

There’s a part of the song that whispers of places “where I listen to the wind singing, songs of happiness I know,” and it brings back a flood of memories. From the busy streets of Paris to the tranquil ruins of Angkor Wat, every journey, every snapshot, has been a note in the symphony of my life. And like the jigsaw puzzles mentioned in the lyrics, each piece has found its place, contributing to the overarching picture of my existence.

Caravan’s music isn’t just a backdrop to my life; it's a mirror reflecting the nuanced emotions of my years. As I prepare to add this piece to my website, linking to Sinclair’s heartfelt performance in Kyoto, I am reminded of the power of music to connect us not only to each other but to the deepest parts of ourselves.

For those who pause to listen, I hope it brings the same introspective journey and the same solace that it brings to me. May it touch your heart as profoundly as it touches mine.

00:00 - Introduction by Dave Sinclair | 02:58 - Blue Eyes Live House in Kyoto, Japan

03:32 - Dave Sinclair plays Disassociation (Nine Feet Underground)

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