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lifetime of embracing unique
to drive impactful 

Solitary man on a beach gazing at a blue sky with a single cloud, reflecting a moment of contemplation and tranquility.

Throughout my eclectic career, I've worn many hats—Imagineer, entrepreneur, photographer, community builder, and business developer, to name a few. But regardless of the title, my approach has been consistently unorthodox. Rather than stick to tried-and-true methods, I've always been drawn to alternative initiatives, the kinds of strategies that most wouldn't consider. From pioneering unique photography communities at the forefront of AI art to reinventing the wheel in industries as disparate as pawnbroking, fundraising, jewellery retail, finance, and real estate, my creativity has always been funnelled into groundbreaking strategies.


This isn't just about adapting to a rapidly evolving landscape; it's about setting the pace, challenging the status quo, and carving out new spaces where others see only barriers. These have been collaborative efforts, advisory roles or personal journeys of exploration and innovation, driven by my insatiable curiosity and audacious spirit.

Along the way, my unconventional methods have earned me labels ranging from 'innovative disruptor' to 'anarchic visionary.' While these tags may seem polarising, they reflect the daring spirit I bring to each of my ventures.

Not Just Clicks
But Communities

Welcome to my online sanctuaries for street photography enthusiasts and innovators. First up, we have our Facebook groups, home to a staggering 360,000 members and counting. These groups are more than just virtual gathering spaces; they're dynamic hubs where beginners, hobbyists, and seasoned professionals come together to share their work, offer constructive critiques, and revel in the beauty of capturing life through a lens. With engaging themes ranging from "Cartier-Bresson Inspired" to "Urban Life in Colour," these communities have become a cornerstone in the world of online street photography forums, setting the bar high for quality interactions and skill enhancement.


Now, let's talk about the latest addition to this digital family—Street Photography Group. While it might be the new kid on the block, it's already making waves as a breeding ground for innovation. Not only are we committed to traditional forms of street photography, but we're also at the forefront of embracing Generative AI as a valid art form. Here, the merging of human creativity with artificial intelligence isn't just a concept; it's a daily practice. We're pushing boundaries and challenging norms, daring to question what constitutes 'real' art in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Historical Projects

Welcome to the gateway of my personal pursuits in unearthing the rich, multi-layered histories of Aden and Perim Island. These two websites, built over many years and continually updated, stand as the world's only platforms exclusively dedicated to the history of these significant Middle Eastern locations.


Dive into the enigmatic history of Aden, a region of compelling geopolitical significance. With an array of carefully curated articles, photographs, and primary source materials, this site serves as an irreplaceable resource for historians, researchers, and anyone keenly interested in understanding the tapestry of Aden's past.


Perim Island

Explore the forgotten story of Perim Island, an area often overlooked in mainstream historical discourse. With an ongoing commitment to delivering fresh insights and untold stories, this site fills a critical gap, offering an in-depth look at Perim's complex history and its role in shaping the Middle Eastern landscape.

Why These Projects Matter

The purpose behind creating and maintaining these unique websites goes beyond mere historical documentation. They serve as living repositories, continually growing and adapting as new information surfaces. These platforms are not just websites; they are essential resources for anyone interested in these regions, providing an unparalleled depth of information you won't find anywhere else.

So, whether you're a researcher embarking on an academic journey, a history buff keen on expanding your knowledge, or just a curious soul looking to explore, you've come to the right place. Take your time to navigate through these online troves of information—your journey into the fascinating histories of Aden and Perim Island begins here.


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