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Peter Pickering - Photographer

Even across barriers of culture and language, we as human beings can still connect with each other through our gazes and expressions. Happiness, sadness, anger, and our full range of emotions are near identical no matter where on Earth you choose to travel, and photography helps us to tell stories and speak about common human experiences without ever uttering a single word.


Photos provide an intimate, treasured look into the culture and sentiments that dominated various times throughout our history, and the current day. From paintings that now hang in national galleries to small, worn photographs in old memory boxes, we can revisit visual elements like lifestyles, fashions and hairstyles, examine and compare the limitations and unique characteristics of past and present media and most of all, see the thread of humanity that connects us all.

Image by William Thomas


Moments can happen in the blink of an eye: fleeting moments, lost in time but for the frame that captures that essence, that spark, that which is certainly worth a thousand words, or none at all. To identify those moments takes a passionate eye, one that sees beyond the beauty to the very quintessence of being.


A photographer with a passionate eye, Peter Pickering has a body of work reflective of his lifetime of experience. Dramatic tonal poetry captured with a unique artistic vision that strives to exceed even his own expectations of perfection. 

Image by Jason Wong