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For Peter Pickering, photography isn't about accolades or recognition; it's about the journey. He sees himself as a perpetual student of the craft, always seeking out new challenges and opportunities to grow. He's fascinated by the way that photography can capture fleeting moments and emotions, and he's constantly exploring new techniques and styles to better convey those sensations. He's never satisfied with his work and is always looking for ways to push himself to do better.


Peter's work spans a wide range of genres, from glamorous portraits to gritty street photography to stunning digital manipulations. But regardless of the subject matter, his photographs always tell a story in tonal poetry. They capture a moment in time, conveying the essence of the people and places he photographs with sensitivity and insight.


What sets Peter Pickering apart as a photographer is his ability to see beyond the surface and capture the true essence of his subjects. Whether he is photographing a model in a studio or a stranger on the street, he approaches each image with curiosity and an open heart, seeking to connect with the person in front of him and convey their unique story.


Peter Pickering has created two Facebook groups dedicated to the art of street photography. One group is focused on black and white photographs that capture everyday life in the classic style, while the other group showcases vibrant, colourful shots of urban life. Both groups, which are open to photographers of all levels and boast over 300,000 members, provide a platform for sharing work, asking questions, and receiving feedback.

Peter's dedication to sharing his street photography experience has made these groups a valuable resource for those interested in learning about and honing their skills in this art form. To join these active and engaging groups, simply click the links below.



AI-created art, or a blend of photography and AI, will have a significant impact on traditional photography. One way is by challenging traditional notions of what constitutes art. AI-generated images are often indistinguishable from those created by photographers, raising questions about the role of the artist and the nature of creativity.


Another way AI-created art is impacting traditional photography is by expanding the possibilities of what can be created. For example, AI-generated imagery, driven by advancements in machine learning and deep neural networks, can create images that are highly realistic and photo-realistic, or that are highly stylised, abstract or surreal. This expands the range of artistic expression and visual language available to photographers.


Overall, AI-created art is challenging traditional notions of art and photography, expanding the possibilities of what can be created, and changing the way we interact with photographs. While some photographers may be concerned about the rise of AI-created art, many, such as Peter Pickering, see it as an opportunity to push the boundaries of the medium and create new and exciting artworks.

Image by Jason Wong


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