The Unseen Bridges

My Life in Liminality, Subliminality, and Supraliminality


Peter Pickering

3/19/20243 min read

I sit here, gazing into a 4.5K retina iMac screen ablaze with vibrant colours and sharp, immaculate details that bring my digital canvas to life. Each pixel is a testament to clarity, a tiny window into virtual worlds that are as rich and nuanced as the tangible one around me. Thoughts adrift, I find myself contemplating the very essence of my existence, a journey through the liminal, the subliminal, and the supraliminal. My life, an epic tale of the seen and unseen, the known and unknown, dances in the grey areas of reality, a perpetual twilight where dawn and dusk intertwine in an endless embrace.

A wooden bridge over a body of water into a misty horizon
A wooden bridge over a body of water into a misty horizon

In the realm of the liminal, I am a perennial traveller, navigating the thresholds that separate worlds. My existence in this space is akin to walking a fine mist, where each step reveals a new layer of reality, nuanced and ephemeral. I am the personification of transition, embodying the spaces between words, the silence between notes in a melody. In this liminal existence, I am neither entirely one thing nor another but always in a state of becoming, ever evolving and transforming. It is here, in the midst of transitions, that I find profound truths about myself and the universe at large.

Beneath the conscious layers of my being lies the subliminal realm, a domain of subtle undercurrents that shape my perceptions and actions in ways that often elude my conscious grasp. This is where my deepest fears and greatest aspirations silently brew, influencing my life's direction like unseen winds steering a ship's course. In this shadowy underbelly, my creativity simmers, ideas and inspirations fermenting below the surface until they're ready to burst forth into the light. My subliminal self is a silent observer, a quiet custodian of my innermost thoughts and feelings, guiding me through intuition and the soft whispers of my subconscious.

Yet, my journey does not end in the shadows. It stretches into the bright expanse of the supraliminal, where the boundaries of perception expand and the mind awakens to a higher consciousness. In this elevated state, I am more than just a witness to life; I am a creator, a visionary sculpting reality with the chisel of my will and imagination. The supraliminal is where I harness the full spectrum of my potential, transcending the mundane to touch the sublime. Here, in this exalted space, I am free from the constraints of conventional thought, reaching beyond the tangible to grasp the ethereal and the infinite.

Spanning the gamut from the liminal to the supraliminal, my life unfolds as a continuous exploration of the myriad dimensions of human experience. Each moment, each breath, is an opportunity to traverse these layered realms, to discover the myriad facets of my being and the universe around me. In embracing the liminal, I embrace the fluid nature of existence, finding beauty in the transient, the ephemeral, and the impermanent. By delving into the subliminal, I connect with the deep currents that underlie our collective consciousness, tapping into the wellspring of universal creativity and wisdom. And in ascending to the supraliminal, I open myself to the boundless possibilities of creation, to the endless horizon of potential that lies beyond the limits of the known.

My life is a testament to the power of living between worlds, of existing in the spaces that many overlook or fear to tread. It is a journey of constant discovery, a voyage into the heart of what it means to be truly alive. And as I navigate this complex, multifaceted existence, I am reminded that the greatest adventures lie not in the destinations we reach, but in the liminal spaces we traverse along the way.

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An amorphous multi-coloured cloud formation
An amorphous multi-coloured cloud formation