The Parable of the Bird and the Cow Pattie

Lessons from Unexpected Places


Peter Pickering

5/6/20241 min read

Embracing Life's Messy Moments

On a chilly winter's day, a little bird was migrating south. The air was so frigid that the bird's wings eventually froze mid-flight, and it plummeted into a field below. Dazed and immobile, the bird lay shivering on the cold ground. As luck would have it, a cow wandered by and, oblivious to the bird's plight, dropped a hefty patty of poo right on top of it.

Buried under the mound of manure, the bird soon felt an unexpected warmth. The heat from the dung was thawing his frozen wings! Comforted and revitalised by this stroke of fortune, the bird couldn't help but burst into song, thrilled by the warmth in such a dire situation.

However, the bird's joyful singing caught the attention of a passing cat. Intrigued by the muffled tunes, the cat followed the sounds until it found the bird hidden under the cow dung. Without a moment's hesitation, the cat cleared away the poo, found the now warm bird, and swiftly gobbled it up.

This little tale reminds us of a few harsh truths: not everyone who dumps on you is your enemy, not everyone who digs you out is your friend, and sometimes, when you're in deep trouble, it's best to keep quiet!

The Parable of the Bird and the Cow Pattie