Peter And His Seven Pillars of Photographic Wisdom


3/9/20243 min read

In the autumn of life, the mind often meanders through the hallways of the past, each memory a framed picture, delicately hung on the walls of time. Such is the tale of my journey, a tapestry woven through six decades where I've danced with shadows and light, silently crafting stories. This narrative could well belong to any maestro of the moment, any savant of the shutter, whose path unravels a masterclass in the profound art of photography. Yet, it is, with simplicity and humility, also distinctly my own personal tale and the philosophy I've cultivated.

My story begins in the vibrant 1960s, a time of change and new horizons. As a young boy, camera in hand, I stepped into the world, my eyes wide with wonder. The camera became an extension of my being, my voice, guiding me through the shifting tides around me. It wasn't just a tool but a profound teacher, unveiling the fundamentals of photography, those seven pillars of wisdom that would come to define my craft.