The Story of Elian

A Cosmic Sojourner’s Tale


Peter Pickering

5/8/20243 min read

In the farthest reaches of the cosmos, where stars are born and galaxies dance in an eternal embrace, there existed a small, vibrant planet named Ilyaria. It was a world not bound by the rigid laws of time and space that constrain the universe as we understand it. Here, the Ilyarians lived, beings of pure energy and thought, communing in the language of the stars. Among them was Elian, a soul whose light shone a bit softer, a bit more introspectively than his kin.

Elian’s creator, Orana, the Weaver of Cosmic Threads, had designed him with a curious flaw—or a gift, depending on one’s perspective. Unlike his companions, Elian possessed a profound awareness of existence beyond the luminous fields of Ilyaria. Orana, in her infinite wisdom, had woven into him a strand of celestial longing, a deep, unyielding yearning to explore the great expanse.

It was during a celestial alignment, a rare cosmic event when the boundaries between worlds thinned, that Elian’s fate took an unexpected turn. Drawn to the shimmering gateway that connected realms, Elian found himself swept away by a stray comet, an accidental voyager cast across the cosmos to a distant and unfamiliar world—Earth.

Stranded far from home, Elian arrived not by choice but by a twist of cosmic fortune. He materialised in human form in a bustling city that never paused to look at the stars. To the people around him, Elian was just another face in the crowd, another soul going about the tedious business of living. Yet, inside, Elian felt the dissonance of a starlit being caged in mortality, bound by time, pining for the endless expanse of his true home.

For three score years and ten, Elian walked among humans, his heart echoing with cosmic symphonies unheard by those around him. He learned to speak in human tongues, to share in their joys and sorrows, yet always felt the chasm within—a vast, starry void that no earthly pleasure could fill.

Elian’s days were spent wandering the shores of the great rivers of Earth, places that somehow reminded him of the fluidity of his own distant Ilyaria. Nights were harder, as the stars above beckoned, each twinkle a painful reminder of home. He found solace in the quiet company of thinkers, dreamers, and poets—those rare souls who also sensed the strangeness of their existence.

A Cosmic Sojourner’s Tale: The Story of Elian

As years turned into decades, Elian grew weary. The weight of his solitude pressed upon him, a constant companion. He would often stand beneath the open sky, hands stretched wide, whispering in the ancient language of Ilyaria, hoping that somehow, across the cosmic sea, Orana would hear him and weave a path home.

His end, when it came, was as quiet as his arrival. One evening, with the stars unusually bright above, Elian felt a gentle lifting, a loosening of the bonds that tied his soul to Earth. As he passed, it was with a smile, for though his heart had ached with longing, it had also grown capable of immense love and compassion amidst the alien stars.

Elian’s legacy was one of gentle kindness, a reminder to those he touched that the universe is vast, and life—no matter where it blooms—is a fragment of a grander design. And somewhere in the night sky, if one listens closely, the whisper of the cosmos carries the tale of Elian, the lost soul from Ilyaria, whose journey was not for naught, for in his longing, he taught others to look up and dream.

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Elian, a soul woven from the cosmic fabric of distant Ilyaria, finds himself marooned on Earth, pining for the stars and yearning for the home he never chose to leave.