Quokka Encounters

A Rottnest Island Tale


Peter Pickering

4/12/20242 min read

A quokka from Rottnest Island, Perth, Western Australia
A quokka from Rottnest Island, Perth, Western Australia

Meet the quokka: possibly the happiest little furball you'll ever lay eyes on. Hailing from a few select spots down under in Western Australia, with Rottnest Island being the top spot, these guys have got the internet buzzing with their selfie game. Yep, you heard right. Quokkas are the selfie kings and queens of the animal kingdom, flashing what looks like huge grins that could give any Instagram influencer a run for their money.

But don't let those adorable faces fool you—quokkas are tough cookies. They've adapted to their sometimes harsh environment, munching on leaves and getting most of their water from their diet, because let's face it, it's not always easy finding a waterhole in their neck of the woods. They're night owls, too, keeping cool during the day and coming out to party at night.

What's really cool about quokkas, aside from their photogenic smiles, is how chill they are around humans. Wander around Rottnest Island, and you're likely to make a few quokka buddies, ready to pose for a selfie without even signing a photo release form. But remember, there are rules to this quokka selfie biz—no touching or feeding these little guys, because we want to keep them happy and healthy.

The world's starting to pay attention to these cuties, not just for their photogenic faces but also because they need our help to keep their homes safe from the baddies (like habitat destruction and introduced predators). Rottnest Island is pretty much a quokka paradise, where they can live their best lives away from danger.

In short, quokkas are the embodiment of the Aussie spirit—laid back, friendly, and capable of handling the rough patches with a smile. They're a living reminder to enjoy life, take lots of selfies, and maybe, just maybe, not sweat the small stuff. So, next time you're scrolling through your feed and see a quokka selfie, remember these little adventurers are out there living the dream, one smile at a time.

On a pea-green isle,

Over cerulean sea,

Lives a curious little fellow,

With fur golden yellow.

His cuteness on show,

As all see him do know,

His contagious smile,

No fear, no guile.

They come from afar,

The layman, the Czar,

For a glimpse of this creature,

Rottnest’s unique feature.

Those who come here,

Must meet his nadir,

To meet eye-to-eye,

Under an azure sky.

From this position,

It has become a tradition,

To capture a pic,

An Instagram selfie trick.

He doesn’t complain,

Being friendly’s his game,

He’ll wait and he’ll pose,

Twitching his cute little nose.

Back home they must go,

With photos in tow,

To show friends over mocha,

Their tryst with our quokka.