Back to the Bush: Billy's Homeward Journey


3/3/20241 min read

Oi, let me spin ya another yarn,

'Bout Billy, who left the big town's charm.

Back to the bush, where the skies are wide,

To the land where his heart always did reside.

Back in town, the lights shone bright,

But in his dreams, he saw the outback night.

The big town's hustle, its endless roar,

Left Billy longing for something more.

He missed the silence, the stars above,

The bush, where everything he did love.

His family's laughter, the warmth of their smiles,

In the bush, pure joy it stretches for miles.

Did he miss the town? Perhaps a bit,

Its twinkling lights, its lively spirit.

But the bush called Billy, its voice so sweet,

Where the earth and sky both lovingly meet.

So how did he return to his cherished land?

With a heart full of hope, a future unplanned.

He hitched a ride on an old country road,

Back to the bush, his permanent abode.

In the bush, he yearned for the simple things,

The peace it brings, the way a kookaburra sings.

The rustle of leaves, the creek's gentle flow,

In the bush, life moves wonderfully slow.

He missed the tales by the fire's warm glow,

Stories of old, where bush legends flow.

His family’s faces, in the flickering light,

In the bush, every name's a heartfelt sight.

Now Billy's back, where the gumtrees stand,

Feet firmly planted in the red outback sand.

The town was a detour, an adventure, it's true,

But the bush, oh the bush, it's his world anew.

In the end, Billy found where he belongs,

In the bush, with its familiar songs.

The town was grand, but the bush is his heart,

Where he and the wild will never part.

© Peter Pickering 2023.