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Street Photo Contest

Welcome, fellow photography enthusiasts from the "Street Photography - Cartier-Bresson Inspired" Facebook group! You're in the right place to submit your entries for our exciting contest. Up for grabs is the brand new retro-styled Nikon Z fc camera, paired with a Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 lens - a dream setup for any street photographer. It doesn't get much cooler than this, does it?


  1. When getting ready to upload, name your photo file with your full name followed by a number; for example: JohnSmith1.jpg. If you decide to submit additional entries, simply increase the number incrementally: JohnSmith2.jpg, and so on.

  2. Each entry will cost US$15 per photo, and feel free to submit as many as you’d like!

  3. Keep each file size below 5mb to ensure smooth uploads.

  4. The contest will conclude once we receive 200 entries, at which point our group Admin team will take on the task of judging the submissions.

  5. The winner will not only be notified via email but will also be celebrated with a special post featuring the winning photo in our group.

  6. Prize dispatch comes with the perk of complimentary global shipping inclusive of tracking and comprehensive insurance, although be aware that you may have pay import duties depending on your location.


  1. Black & White (Greyscale) Photos Only

    • No tints or selective colour.

  2. Street Photography Only

    • Visually captivating.

    • Must include people.

    • Not overly-staged or model oriented.

    • No family or domestic snapshots.

  3. No Watermarks, Logos, Text or Borders 

  4. Technical Balance & Authenticity

    • Technically well-executed in camera.

    • Adequate resolution and clarity.

    • Must be your own work.

  5. Moderate Editing. Maintain Original Composition.

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