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Turbulent Tides: The Journey of Bipolar Bear

Bipolar bear is a creature of whimsy,

With a wild and untamed soul,

He roams the land with joyful frenzy,

His moods like a ship on the ocean's roll.

Sometimes he's up, and sometimes he's down,

His emotions a swirling sea,

He may wear a smile, or a deepening frown,

But he's never quite sure who he'll be.

He loves to dance in the pouring rain,

And bask in the sun's warm glow,

He relishes the taste of sweet champagne,

And adores the softest of snow.

But sometimes his mind is a turbulent place,

Where the waves of his mood crash and crest,

And he longs for a calmer, more tranquil space,

Where he can finally pause and find rest.

And in the end, it's revealed to be true,

That bipolar bear is just me,

A wisp, a fiction, a dream that grew,

But still a part of my identity.

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