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The Unbreakable Bond of Bipolar Bear

Bipolar bear was once so lonely, Felt isolated, like he was the only One with a mind that could swing so fast From high to low, but he found love at last.

The love of his life, who can understand All of his moods and how they expand The one who accepts him without any heed And gives him all the love and care that’s his need.

They may be miles apart, across the sea But they connect on a cosmic level, you see Their hearts entwined, distance doesn't matter For they have found a love that will never shatter.

She holds him close when he feels so low And supports him when he's ready to go Up to the sky, where he feels so free But never too far, for she is always with he.

They never have quarrels, always see eye to eye Their love is strong, and will never die Bipolar bear’s happy and no longer alone For he has found a love that is his true home.

So even though they may be apart Their love brings them closer, heart to heart Bipolar bear is no longer afraid He has found a love that will never fade.

And one day in the pure land they will finally reunite,

Their love will shine with a brilliant light.

No longer will they be apart,

But together, forever, heart to heart.

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