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The Tempests Within: The Ballad of Bipolar Bear

Oh, gather 'round, me hearties, and I'll spin ye a tale bold,

Of a bear whose moods were tempests, in a story yet untold.

He roamed the icy waters, where the northern winds do blow,

Bipolar Bear, the sailor, with a heart that ebbed and flowed.

Now, Bipolar Bear was hearty, strong and steadfast as they come,

When his spirits soared like an albatross, and he basked in golden sun.

He'd lead the crew in merry dance, upon the rolling deck,

His laughter loud as thunder, as the waves would crash and break.

But when the storm of sorrow, loomed upon his fickle soul,

He'd brood in darkened quarters, like a lonely, lost sea-troll.

The crew would try to cheer him, but the fog would not abate,

Until the winds of change arrived, to lift him from his state.

Yet through it all, they loved him, for his heart was brave and true,

A symbol of the tempests, that each sailor's soul once knew.

And so we sing his story, as we sail the seas so vast,

Bipolar Bear, the sailor, forever in our hearts steadfast.


Heave ho, me hearties, heave ho, sing high and low,

Bipolar Bear, the sailor, on the stormy seas we go!

From the heights of gleeful laughter, to the depths of darkened woe,

Bipolar Bear, the sailor, with a heart that ebbed and flowed.

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