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The Inscrutable Chronicles of Bipolar Bear

In the hallowed halls of learning,

Stands a bear, both wise and yearning.

Bipolar Bear, the sage of lore,

A creature not seen heretofore.

His fur a blend of dark and light,

A testament to his enduring fight.

An enigma wrapped in mystery,

A bear who defies all history.

Cloaked in robes of intellect,

He's more than what you might expect.

For behind those eyes of endless calm,

Lies a tempest, a disarming charm.

He speaks softly, but his words resound,

An avalanche of thoughts profound.

Yet, he's patient, but within reason,

A force of nature, in and out of season.

The quiet air that fills the room,

Belies the storm that lies in bloom.

For Bipolar Bear knows his might,

He doesn't suffer fools too light.

His layers, intricate and deep,

Conceal the power that’s in his keep.

A stoic guardian of wisdom's gate,

In his presence, pretence does dissipate.

With wisdom as his guide, this bear stands tall,

A nurturing teacher, embracing all.

Yet underestimate him, and you’ll quickly see,

The wrath of a force, that’s a guarantee.

So look upon this portrait fair,

Of our beloved professor bipolar bear,

A testament that things are not what they seem,

The depths concealed in life's grand scheme.

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