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The Iceberg's Song: The Journey of Bipolar Bear

In the frosty Arctic realm where the wild icebergs teem,

There lived a most peculiar bear, a creature of extreme.

Bipolar Bear, they called him, with a mood that seemed to sway,

From the gleaming peaks of joy to the depths of dark dismay.

One moment he would frolic, on the frozen tundra prance,

His roars of glee resounding, as he led the seals in dance.

But then, as if a cloud had crossed the sun's bright arctic beam,

He'd sink into a stupor, and on ice floes sadly dream.

The other bears did wonder, at their comrade's fickle heart,

How could one so strong and fierce, be torn so wide apart?

But deep within the northern lights, a wise old walrus knew,

The secret of this creature's soul, and just what he'd been through.

"You see, my friends," the walrus said, his whiskers all aquiver,

"Bipolar Bear's a special beast, with feelings like a river.

His heart, it rides the ebb and flow, of emotions strong and grand,

And we must learn to understand, and lend a helping hand."

So they joined in mirth and laughter, when his spirits soared so high,

And stood by him through the darkened days, when tears would cloud his eye.

Together they discovered, that in every bear there lies,

A strength to face adversity, beneath the arctic skies.

Now Bipolar Bear is cherished, as a symbol of their land,

For in the face of trials, they together bravely stand.

Though his moods may change and shift, like the ice upon the sea,

He's taught them all a lesson, in love, support, and unity.

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