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Lost & Found: A Joyful Reunion

Updated: Nov 6

I had one of those delightful days that you remember for the simplest, yet strangest reasons. Here's how it goes:

A few days ago, I visited Belmont Forum for some shopping and a coffee. Among my purchases at Coles were a couple of packets of coffee creamer. Nothing too thrilling, but here's where the story gets interesting. I placed them in my favourite grey Woolworths bag, which, believe it or not, I had grown quite fond of. Yes, a 99 cent shopping bag had stolen my heart. It folded perfectly, snuggled neatly into my pocket, and was just the right companion for my shopping sprees.

I hopped on the 998 bus, humming a tune, lost in thought. But as I stepped off at Curtin University bus station, I felt a pang of emptiness. My beloved bag was missing. My heart raced - had I left it on the bus?

Frantic, I reported my lost item to TransPerth online. They pointed me towards another bus company, and then yet another. What followed was a series of phone calls that felt like an epic quest in search of a legendary treasure. Just when I was losing hope, I got the answer I'd been waiting for: my bag had been found at TransDev in O’Connor!

My elation was immeasurable. I felt like a lamb in springtime. And to think, it wasn't about the $12 worth of coffee creamer, but that irreplaceable 99 cent Woolworths bag. Sure, fetching it would cost me more in fuel than its actual worth, but the joy was unparalleled.

Before ending my call, I attempted to share a light-hearted joke, asking if there were any buses for non-trans folks like myself, playfully hinting at the "Trans" in TransDev. Sadly, my humour flew right over the head of the young lady on the other end. She earnestly assured me that anyone can ride the buses. I chuckled to myself, grateful for the unexpected dose of comedy.

Today was a win. A day when a simple bag brought immense joy and a good laugh. Life's small pleasures, eh?

A lonely bag go shopping left behind on a bus seat
Lost shopping

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