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Endearingly Weird: The Adventures of Bipolar Bear

A creature of ice and snow, so fierce yet so gentle,

With eyes that sparkle and a heart sentimental,

He loves to roam through his neighbourhood,

And howl long at the moon as only he could.

He has a taste for salmon and honey,

And enjoys spending his time being funny,

Trying to tell a joke to a friend,

Then he’ll laugh before it gets to the end.

Bipolar Bear is his name,

A creature of wonder, not one bit mundane,

He may seem unpredictable, wild, and free,

But that's just his nature, you see.

He dreams of love, of being understood,

Of finding someone who sees him as good,

And he’s not just a creature to be feared,

But a being who's unique and endearingly weird.

And in the end, the truth is perfectly clear,

Bipolar Bear is not a fantasy, but a reflection near,

For he is me, and I am he,

A creature of bipolarity, wild and free.

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