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Bipolar Bear: Courage Amidst the Flames

Upon the deck of battle's blaze, where fiery cannons roared,

A creature fierce and stalwart stood, a bear like none before.

Bipolar Bear, his name and fate, amidst the smoke and strife,

With courage faced the shifting moods, that mirrored his own life.

The flames that lit the war's fierce storm, shone round him o'er the slain,

Yet, he remained, in steadfast guard, as chaos didst maintain.

His father's orders he did seek, to guide his heavy heart,

For in this moment, dark and dire, he knew he'd play a part.

When soaring high on wings of joy, his roars echoed through the air,

With vigour strong and spirit bold, he'd face the foe's harsh glare.

But as the tide of battle turned, the bear felt sorrow's grip,

And in the throes of deep despair, his courage seemed to slip.

Yet, in the heart of this brave bear, a fire burned undying,

A flame of love, devotion strong, to face the storm, unyielding.

He cast aside the weight of woe and charged into the fray,

His loyalty to his father's call, guiding him each step of the way.

The ship was lost, the battle done, but legends still endure,

Of the unwavering, Bipolar Bear, whose heart was strong and pure.

His tale now whispers through the wind, on the ocean's misty spray,

A symbol of the strength within, to face life's stormy days.

(Channelling my inner Felicia Dorothea Hemans)

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