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Bear’s Manic States

In the realm of the bipolar bear,

A vibrant world of thoughts, ideas so rare,

Manic moods that soar and flare,

A symphony of wonders to declare.

A mind unshackled, words cascade,

Punctuation, grammar, in parade,

Wisdom from a lexicon parade,

Eloquent, articulate, unafraid.

Unleashed, a dog that bounds and barks,

Alive with love, igniting sparks,

In manic states, the fire starts,

To conquer worlds, create fine arts.

The mysteries of life unfold,

With crystal clarity, stories told,

No challenge vast, no truth untold,

The bear, a hero brave and bold.

Cocaine rush, euphoria's thrill,

Boundless energy to climb life's hill,

Six hours of sleep, a hunger still,

Each day anew, a dream fulfilled.

Manic bursts like fireworks bright,

Cosmic revelations, sheer delight,

Yet cautious of the precipice, the height,

Nirvana's edge, a fearsome sight.

Seventy percent, his favoured state,

A balance between manic and sedate,

Ninety, a risk he dreads to take,

Would brakes suffice, or would they break?

For normalcy, a fleeting guest,

The bear savours his manic zest,

And though the fall may bring unrest,

He cherishes the times he's blessed.

In life's grand scale, the pendulum swings,

From highs to lows, the universe sings,

The bipolar bear, a creature unique,

Embracing life's spectrum, daring, mystique.

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