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Bear Necessities: Bipolar Bear's Journey

Bipolar bear, with moods that swing,

Longs to share the friendship only he can bring.

Isolated, lonely, feeling low,

Desperate for a friend to show.

His highs and lows may oft inspire fear,

Yet all he yearns for is someone near.

The warmth he seeks in a caring embrace,

To etch a lasting smile upon his face.

He dreams of friends that can see beyond,

The label that he's often donned.

For bipolar is just one of many traits,

Not who he is or what it dictates.

Bipolar bear, with heart so pure,

Just wants to feel like he's secure.

A friend to share his ups and downs,

And banish all the lonely frowns.

So if you see him sitting all alone,

Just know he wants a loving home.

A place to feel safe, a place to be,

Where his bipolar's not the defining key.

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