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Arctic Swings: Living with a Bipolar Bear

Can a bear be bipolar? Some folks might say no,

But let me tell you, there's one that I know,

He's a polar bear with a mood that can swing,

One minute he's up, the next he's in the dumps, poor thing.

With a heart as big as the ice kingdom he roams,

His moods sometimes feel like a game of Thrones,

One minute he's the king of the Arctic land,

The next he's lost and can't understand.

In his manic state, he's a force to be reckoned,

Full of energy, he can't be tamed or beckoned,

He races around, causing all sorts of strife,

His wild behaviour can be a bit too much for life.

But then he'll suddenly crash and be low as can be,

Feeling like he’s lost in a turbulent sea,

He'll hibernate for days, not wanting to eat,

Or do anything, really, but just sit in defeat.

It's hard to tell when his moods will shift,

He might be happy one minute, then suddenly adrift,

In an ocean of sadness and abject despair,

Wondering if he'll ever get out of there.

But through it all, he's a loveable fellow,

Even if his moods range from hyper to mellow,

We love him just the same, and we'll always be,

By his side in support, he’s worth it, you see.

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