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An Unexpected Connection at the Post Office

Updated: Nov 6

I wandered into the Park Centre Post Office today, just a little eBay sale to send off, another errand in my list. But what was meant to be a mundane stop soon turned into a delightful encounter. The moment I walked in, I noticed the Indigenous server. She wasn't just walking; she bounded with the energy of a jubilant bunny towards the counter, ready to serve the next customer, which happened to be me.

"You're in quite the cheery mood!" I remarked, genuinely curious about the source of her radiant happiness.

"Why not?" she responded with a grin that could light up a room. Her eyes sparkled with genuine joy, making the ambiance of the entire Post Office warmer.

Her demeanour was open, her assistance efficient, and her aura? Well, it was nothing short of loveable. She was the sort of person who, after just a few minutes of interaction, you'd want to invite for a coffee and share stories with.

Feeling the infectious nature of her joviality, I thought I’d share the story of a phone call I’d made earlier in the day. I had found myself dialling up TransPerth, hoping against hope to recover a shopping bag I'd inadvertently left behind on the bus. The wait on the phone gave me some time to think, and when a lady finally picked up, I couldn't help but toss in a little jest.

“Is that TransPerth? By any chance, do you have buses for non-trans folks like myself?" I inquired, cheekily alluding to the "Trans" in TransPerth. To my amusement, the joke seemed to zoom past her, as she earnestly reassured me that their buses welcome everyone. I couldn't contain a quiet chuckle, appreciating the unintended humour the conversation had gifted me amidst the stress of my lost belongings.

Back to my Post Office server — who I thought was going to burst at the seams, I thought, "I'm on a winner here." So, I continued, "Yes, that's pretty much the exact TRANSscript of the TRANSPerth chat that TRANSpired. But don't let me interrupt you in the middle of our TRANSaction, now let me use ApplePay to TRANSfer the payment to you."

"Are you moonlighting as a stand-up comedian?" she inquired, nearly toppling over with laughter.

"Only on days ending in 'y'," I quipped back, winking. "Keep laughing, it suits you!"

It struck me then, as I was leaving the post office, how our daily interactions often lack the genuine discourse and humour they once had. So many of us get caught up in our routines, scrolling through our phones, or lost in our thoughts, that we forget the joy of making a real connection.

Today, I was reminded of the beauty of such unplanned, genuine interactions. It was more than just a shared joke; it was a moment of true human connection in an increasingly disconnected world on an otherwise regular day.

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