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Henri Cartier-Bresson, Leica in Hand

'Capture The Street'

Enter the Photo Contest & Win a Timeless Nikon FE

Hello, passionate street photographers of our Cartier-Bresson Inspired circle! The moment has arrived to showcase the heartbeat of the streets through your lenses. Our 'Capture the Street' Contest is dedicated to all of you who find poetry in the chaos of the urban jungle. Up for grabs is a classic piece of photography kit—a Nikon FE SLR complete with a 50mm f/1.8 lens that could be yours! Snap the spirit of the street, and let’s see if your best shot brings this classic beauty home.

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About the Prize

Why are we so thrilled about this? Because the Nikon FE SLR is a beloved, classic camera that offers both manual and automatic exposure controls. Its 50mm f/1.8 lens is a go-to for street photographers, offering versatility and great low-light performance. This is your chance to own a piece of photography history!

Nikon FE Camera_edited.jpg
Nikon FE Camera_edited.jpg
Nikon FE Camera_edited.jpg
Nikon FE Camera_edited.jpg

How to Enter:

It's simple! Submit your most captivating street photo using the form lower down on this page. There's a $10 entry fee, but trust me, for a shot at winning this Nikon classic, it's more than worth it. Hurry up, though, as we're limiting this contest to just 150 entries to keep things competitive.


Rules Apply:

Scroll down the page where you'll find the Guidelines, Terms & Conditions which apply for all contest submissions, so be sure you're familiar with those.


Don't dilly-dally—the contest closes as soon as we have 150 entries. Winners will be announced the following week.

Capture The Street

Street Photography Contest: Guidelines, Prize Details and Terms & Conditions

Dive into the bustling life of the streets and stand a chance to win a classic Nikon FE SLR with a 50mm f/1.8 lens. This contest is a celebration of vision and a testament to the candid moments that only the streets can offer.


Image Guidelines:

Embodying the spirit of our group, the guidelines are tailored to foster creativity while honouring the essence of street photography.

  • A World in Greyscale: Your submissions should reflect the world through shades of black, white, and the greys in between. Keep the images free from any tints or selective colouring.

  • The Pulse of the Street: We seek images that pulse with the rhythm of life, where the streets narrate their own stories. Entries should be street photography in its truest form—dynamic, authentic, and uncontrived. Refrain from submitting posed models, family portraits, or casual snapshots.

  • Purity of the Image: Your art should speak for itself. Ensure your photos are free from any watermarks, logos, text, or borders that could distract from the visual narrative.

  • Technical Mastery Meets Authenticity: Excellence in execution is key. Your entries should be technically sound, clear, and high-resolution. Above all, they must be your original creations.

  • Subtle Art of Editing: While moderate editing is allowed, the original composition should remain unaltered. Let your photos convey the truth of the moment as it unfolded before your lens.


The essence of this contest is to challenge and inspire you to channel the spirit of Cartier-Bresson in a manner that’s distinctively your own. Take this opportunity to showcase your perspective of the world in greyscale, where every moment holds a story waiting to be captured.


Terms & Conditions:
  • Eligibility: Participation is exclusive to members of our Group who are 18 years and above. It’s a call to those who view life through a lens of experience.

  • Entry Fee: A token of $10 secures your entry but bear in mind, it's a non-refundable commitment to your art.

  • Open Submissions: Each member may submit multiple photos. The sky's the limit on creativity, but please note there's a $10 fee for each entry.

  • File Naming: Before uploading, files should be renamed with your first and last name, and if uploading multiple entries then use a consecutive number. eg  JohnSmith1.jpg,  JohnSmith 2.jpg

  • Cap on Creativity: With a cap of 150 entries, act promptly. It’s first-come, first-served—much like the fleeting moments you capture.

  • Rights & Permissions: Your work remains yours, undisputed. Yet, by entering, you allow me, Peter Pickering, the honour of showcasing your work across my street photography platforms, with a non-exclusive, perpetual license for promotional echoes of your captured moments.

  • Judgement Day: The same discerning criteria that crown our 'Photo of the Week' will unveil the victor within a week of the contest’s closure.

  • Prize Details: The reward for your eye’s tale is the Nikon FE SLR with 50mm lens—no substitutes, no cash alternatives. Just pure, unadulterated photography bliss.

  • Liability: I bear no cross for damages or losses resulting from your participation in the contest or the use of the prize. The journey and the risks are yours, as is the glory.

  • Right to Disqualify: Should shadows fall on the integrity of an entry, I reserve the right to cast it out of our photographic narrative.


Prize Details:
  • A Vintage Treasure: The winner will receive a camera that's not just a tool but a storied artefact. It's an heirloom without a warranty but all appears to be in fine fettle. Its mechanical heart—shutter speeds, apertures, focus, and film winding—has been checked and appears to be working just fine. Regular love and care through servicing are recommended to keep its legacy alive.

  • Global Reach: No matter where you call home, the prize will find its way to you, shepherded with care and insured against the uncertainties of travel.


Embrace the challenge and share your unique vision of the streets. Each frame is a story, each snapshot a legacy. May the most compelling shutter win.

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